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PMOE means PROUDLY MADE ON EARTH. Art [is]  | around the World in so many #awesome + #different ways. Here u will find :: my favourite artists ‘taste. Be prepared and don’t be scared ! Be [so] welcome | and now….Enjoy Life !



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“The need to be creative, the need to kind of explore ideas is a necessity, but to take away that would be to take away everything.” – INSA.

Inspired by our founder, George Ballantine, we believe in celebrating the men and women that stay true and leave an impression on everything they do and everyone they meet. Each Stay True Story captures individuals as they bring their own story to life performing creative and artistic experiments.

In late 2014 they travelled to Rio De Janeiro for the fourth global #StayTrue Story – with globally-renowned ‘GIF-ITI’ artist INSA. With a team of 20 they set out on a uniquely ambitious art project; to create the world’s largest animated GIF. The giant animated artwork – the most ambitious of its kind ever attempted – was painted on the ground in Rio in four stages, over four days, and measured a total of 57,515m2 (made up of four images measuring 14,379m2 each), with all the action captured in this film.

Staying True to his genesis as an artist but with a passion for experimentation and innovation, London based INSA is best known for creating ground-breaking ‘GIF-ITI’: amazing animations of his graffiti designs which culminate in looped GIFs – an innovative and labour-intensive process which requires him to repaint a design by hand many times, with each image changing slightly each time, before combining them to create a final GIF. INSA’s work has been displayed around the world, both at street level and in high profile exhibitions and media, including within London’s Victoria & Albert Museum and Tate Britain.



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California_Paradise Burning_jay hops-3


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California: Paradise Burning

The state’s Central Valley is gripped by one of the worst droughts on record, and the livelihood of the region’s farmers and shepherds is in jeopardy. This is their story.

Just Grow it _monsieur_plant--Christophe Guinet -jay hops-5


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Christophe Guinet was born in Paris and grew up between town and country, always keeping in touch with nature. As a teenager, he developed a passion for plants, especially the cultivation of orchids: attracted by their exacting needs and rewarded by the beauty and delicacy of their flowers. Later tastes evolve to urban cultures: skate, art and especially street art, fashion … Eager to get more involved in creation, he gathered a team of creative talents to set up the «SEIZE» project. Graphic design, art, marketing & communication were now part of his daily
life. His craft allowed him to realise what kind of world we are living in : worried by industrialisation,manipulation and how human thought was changing,he becomes more careful when collecting raw natural materials.Contemplative and passionate aesthete of the plant world, he uses his findings related to places and seasons, to create works of art with care and a concentration close to the meditative state. The artistic process is thus an integral part of the final work of art.As ephemeral and fragile as a bouquet of flowers, Christophe’s compositions show us the beauty of nature through everyday and cult objects.His care to minimise the harmful impact on the environment is in contrast to the escalation of consumerism and the race to keep producing objects which are ever newer, more technical ,more ‘hype’ Through his compositions, Christophe also expresses the idea that plants do not think ;they live from day to day, in a haphazard way.It is in this spirit of the moment that he creates ,with meticulous detail and patience,his unique plant compositions.
His extensive travels have allowed him to develop his ability to project the nature on to different types of media: via collage, photography, graphic design, illustration or sculpture … His creations represent what he«loves» as well as what he «hates». There is in his works of art both love forobjects related to urban culture and a dichotomy with the ethical logic in which it exists: in the end, nature will always triumph over man. Because of its strength and its beauty. His reflection revolves around love, life, death, and the ambiguity of the cycle of life in a society where (the subject of)death has become extremely taboo. It is interesting to see a work wither, die, follow the seasons.This reminds us of our own cycle: a flower blooms and dies then the cycle starts again the following year. We too follow certain cycles & states: childhood, adolescence, adulthood, old age and death. This is inevitable and every stage of life should be celebrated and glorified. His latest project «Just Grow It! «Shows his real desire to create unlikely and poetic bridges between cult marketing products, emblematic of our time, and extremely detailed plant compositions in the style of Arcimboldo. Thus the artist returns capitalist symbols and trends to nature through art and as one living among the living.
One can also read a subtle denunciation of our thoughts polluted by overconsumption and the ultra-liberal media hype in which we are soaked. The return to nature is effected by a work of craftsmanship, but, like us will return to dust. The final compositions are both poetic and disconcerting, since essentially they seem to contain opposing ideas.
«Go back to the source; man is nourished spiritually and artistically by nature « seems to be the mantra of Christophe Guinet, which reminds us by its base-line» Think Nature!

Text. Yasmina Cesco-Resia
website: MrPLANT


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#CYMATICS ::  Nigel Stanford, Music Video

Shahir Daud: “A few years ago I was asked in an online interview what my ideal music video would be. I answered that any video where I could really collaborate with a musician and we could fuse two visions into a cohesive piece would be a dream.

In 2013, Nigel Stanford, a ridiculously talented musician and producer gave me the opportunity to realize that dream.

And now, after over a year of research, production and post-production, I’m pleased to present the music video for “Cymatics” by Nigel Stanford.

Needless to say I’m incredibly proud of this project and am so grateful that Nigel let me be a part of his insane vision for his music.

As we’ve stated before, every experiment is real, and is the product of months of testing and development.”

Thank You Shahir, Nigel and all who make this stunning video real! Awesome job!!!


source: Shahir Daud and Nigel Stanford


#MAC PREMO – [The] Stuffmaker

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MAC PREMO – [The] Stuffmaker

Mac Premo, b. 1973, American stuffmaker, graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, BFA. Mac’s art has exhibited in NYC, LA, Washington DC, Miami and PS1 MOMA in Queens, and he has initiated and participated in several public art projects in Belfast, Northern Ireland; his fine art sculptural and collage work is represented by Pavel Zoubok Gallery in New York City. Mac has won 7 New York Emmy® Awards for his video and animation work, including awards for best commercial, photography, set design and best public service announcement. Using objects collected over the past 20 years as the raw material, mac recently completed a collage environment inside a 30 yard dumpster. It is called The Dumpster Project. He currently makes art and video and illustration and wooden things and noises anddinner, most nights. Mac lives in Brooklyn with his wife and totally radical daughters.

txt source: the invisible dog