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PMOE means PROUDLY MADE ON EARTH. Art [is]  | around the World in so many #awesome + #different ways. Here u will find :: my favourite artists ‘taste. Be prepared and don’t be scared ! Be [so] welcome | and now….Enjoy Life !


#Majestic Photos :: by :: Franck Bohbot

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Rooted in his fascination with cinematographic iconography, his thematics study the relationship between the individual and architecture. Some series study the relationship between fiction and reality. He is well known for his composition and color. Each one of Bohbot’s series features these photographic intentions — through their enigmatic atmosphere, documentary-style approach, and timeless feel, the photographer wants to transport the audience to a dreamy, velvety, and nearly infinite visual paradise.

As such, Franck Bohbot immortalizes courts, swimming pools, libraries, theaters, city streets, bars, museums, train stations, fairs, workers, artists, barbershop, night scene.

Thanks FRANCK for this stunning pictures!

#COMPARING REALITY with Damien Hypolite-jay hops 2

#COMPARING REALITY [with] :: by Damien Hypolite

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Photographer compares the Paris of Assassin’s Creed Unity with reality

Photographer Damien Hypolite, aka Tidamz, decided to confront the video game with real life by comparing the Paris of Assassin’s Creed Unity at the time of the French Revolution with the Paris of reality. He has visited Paris twice, once with his controller in hand, in 1789, through the eyes of Arno Victor Dorian, then a second, replacing screenshots of the game in the modern Paris of 2014. An interesting parallel!


text source: thankx to ufunk
pic source&copyright: thankx to Damien Hypolite